My journey is like no one else's and everyone else's.  Through the years I became aware of how I was avoiding my true voice even as a singer, because of pain, trauma and incorrect beliefs I picked up along the way which continually veered me off my inner joy path.  On my journey of healing, music was and is there all the way.  Music as you may know, is a powerful healer.

I am a singer/songwriter/keyboardist. 

BOOK OF LEZLEE: The purpose of life is to have fun!



More about Lezlee:
Born and raised in Cache Valley, UT she began playing piano, singing, and writing and composing music at the age of 6.  She had ten years of classical piano lessons including lessons with the late Irving Wasserman at USU.  Her voice teachers and coaches include celebrity voice teacher of ten years, Brad Chapman.  She studied composition and theory at USU in the early 80s.  Later on she acquired an interest in the healing arts and studied to become a Rapid Eye Technician, a trauma release healing modality, using it to assist her own healing journey.  She also discovered a deeper, more subtle, but effective level of healing that music can facilitate in her own intuitive music creations, while learning about her gift of angelic frequencies in her voice.  She uses her musical gifts to express her passion for creating goodness, positive vibes, healing, inspiration and transformation on the planet.



1982 Why Can't It Be Forever? (cassette tape)
1985 My Alaskan Mission (cassette tape)

1986 Lezlee Live (live concert at Utah State University)(cassette tape)
1998 When Christmas Comes Again (CD)
2002 Hold On To The Promise (4 song Christmas EP CD)

2004 Music For Being (CD) (improvised meditation music)
2006 Love Can Heal Anything (CD spiritual awareness)
2011 Covers (CD of Cover Tunes) not officially released
2015 Covers 2 (CD of more covers) not officially released

2015 Celebrate Christmas (CD of old holiday favorites)
2017 Loved Ones (CD personal journey in relationships)

2018 Love Is Who I Am (CD spiritual awakening and self awareness)
2019 Music For RET imageries (CD meditation and guided imagery music)
2022 Lovenote Lullabies (CD for babies and young at heart)



Some of Lezlee's musical influences have been The Carpenters, Carole King, James Taylor, Bob James, Suzanne Ciani, and Toto.  She is also inspired by her own children, 3 of the 4 who are accomplished musicians and songwriters, and the fourth as a painter artist.