Musical Mantra

A Musical Mantra (my interpretation) is an intuitive keyboard improvisational piece I play and record that holds the energy of your intent.  This may be for healing, centering, celebrating or opening for greater joyful awareness of who you are. They may be timed from 5 to ten minutes long.  Some may call it "feel good" music. I have created them for horses as well as humans.  I will email the file to you when completed unless you prefer a CD which I will mail to you.  Other samples I have done can be played in the store and at the bottom of the screen.   These may not be duplicated for sale.  They are for personal use only.  I own the copyrights to the recordings.   Contact me for more details and to purchase at

Custom Song(s)

SINGING TELEGRAMS-Original or non original song, just the way you like it, a singing telegram for your special someone for your G rated event. Contact me for more details at

CUSTOM SONG-Would you like a song for your office party, family reunion or some other event?  I can assist you to create the perfect song.  I can put YOUR lyrics to music or write WITH you.   Contact me for more details at