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FALL ON MY KNEES ©1985, 2013 rewrite Lezlee Monroe
Funny it’s so easy to forget who I am
When I’m doin’ all that I can
I’m still not getting anywhere
I cry for someone to help me
While lookin’ in all the wrong places
When a voice inside replies
Fall on your knees
Funny when I’m thinkin’ I’m on top of it all
When I’m standin’ twenty feet tall
And my chin is way too high
I slip I start to tumble down
To crash in a thousand pieces
When there’s the voice I once recalled
Fall on your knees
In a world of so many voices
Where no one quite agrees
When there’re so many choices
For doin’ what we please
There’s one thing I know
That always gives me peace
That any day or night I can go and
Fall on my knees