1. Thankful

From the recording LOVED ONES 2017

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This song sat in a paper stack for four years until I heard the story of a dear friend of mine who narrowly missed a fatal car crash which she said, woke her up to want to express all she had not yet shared with the world. That was enough for me to dig in the stack, find the unfinished song and finish it, which I did, along with a few other things.


THANKFUL ©2012 Lezlee Monroe
See the sunrise paint the sky
As rolling clouds are dancing high
On a canvas turning blue
I am thankful for you
Feel the fire’s warming glow
Banquet spread so plentiful
Family gathers, angels too
I am thankful for you
For the Love that gives me space
When I crumble, gentle grace
Silent strength that draws me through
To the Love that loves me true
And whispers to be thankful
For me too
Hear the children’s joyful sound
Elders’ wisdom shared profound
Families gathered, angels too
Miracles out of the blue
I am so thankful for you